Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The road to our house is paved with concrete....

and good intentions?

I'm not sure about the intentions behind our new road, but after months of parking a block away and walking through our neighbors yards or down a long and dark alley, we finally have a road. Of course it's not completely done. They are laying it as I type. Since we moved in here almost two years ago(Yay! for owning a house!) we've had some form of road construction. owing to the archaic sewer system that runs below many Des Moines city streets. It's been incredibly annoying to say the least. This last round has caused quite a few problems and headaches. Take for example the giant hole that was in front of our house on and off for several weeks. It was about 18 feet deep, I know this because an 18 foot retaining wall sat in front of our house for months waiting to be used. Apparently the state of Iowa had to purchase it specially for this project along with a special incredibly large machine to drop it into an incredibly large hole and pull it out again. I think they must have needed to justify the purchases because they dug and filled these holes at least 3 times probably more. That's a lot mindless work if you ask me. Not to mention the days that would go by with no one doing anything at all out there and no holiday or rain in sight. On the positive side, and I'm trying to remember that everything has one, we will have bright and shiny new sewer system and road. That's got to do something for our property value(like offset all the damage the constructions done?).

This is a picture from my front door. Notice the lack of fencing or sidewalk (while ignoring the unkempt lawn).

Here is a sampling of the people my son looks up to. Oh, did I mention my two year old spends hours watching these people smoke and play with their large stomachs....and work of course.


  1. Hooray! No more bitchy neighbors demanding car moving. mwah!

  2. I can't wait to drive down your street again. Huzzah!