Friday, January 29, 2010

The Real Food Challenge

I love accepting challenges but I have a real hard time seeing them through. The Green Smoothie challenge last year is a great example. That said I still accepted to do this one in February. It's 28 days of eating nourishing real foods, something we are pretty good at doing anyway but I'm hoping this will help remind us to be better at it. I'm especially interested in the kicking the sugar part. I'm hoping to get Sylvia on board with this one as she's in need of an sugar intervention anyway. Anyone know of a sugar's anonymous meeting? :^)
Anyway. I will keep you posted on our progress....or lack there of.
I've also made the move to go to the Y 3-4x a week. I figure it's better for me than prozac and it has a similar effect. I feel so much better about myself and my day when I work out . On my good friend's suggestion I picked 4 class that 'fit' into our 'schedule'. ( we have schedule?) I'm going to look at it like a 4th job that I have to show up for . I'm also still doing my year and day jazz. It was on hold over the holidays but I plan to pick it up full force soon. Oh, and I'm also working on getting my Reiki business back in business. If you feel inclined you're welcome to plaster my website around( I'd appreciate it and do the same for yours if you want!).
I'm off to organize the kitchen!

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