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Vernal Equinox....3-20-2010

Spring is around the corner. Which is hard to believe here in Iowa. I'm looking out of my window at snowy landscape wondering where the 60 degree weather went. Seriously, it was 60 on Wednesday. Mother Nature is such a tease.

Here is an article written by a local astrologer about the upcoming Equinox and the energies it will bring to our lives.


Cathy Lindsey


Vernal Equinox – First day of Spring! The Vernal Equinox occurs when the Sun reaches the zero point of Aries. It is when the Sun cross’s directly over the Earth’s equator. Equinox means “equal night”. Because the Sun is positioned above the equator, day and night are about equal in length all over the world. This is a time of balance! This is a time of birthing the “new”. This is a time for change and growth.

This is a very powerful Spring Equinox. It is happening within the orb of the Galactic Center, a portal to the Universe.. Also referred to as the “heart” of the Universe. With the Equinox being a portal to the Universe also, this is a powerful time to listen and receive the energies and the messages that are being sent to you. Feel what is in your heart.

Astrology for the Vernal Equinox The Sun has just gone into Aries and is joined by Uranus and Mercury. Aries is about courage, passion, initiation and going on crusades to make things happen. Uranus is about thinking outside the box and into the future, it is about humanitarianism and making changes where they need to be made. And Mercury is your voice! This powerful Sun is saying to use our courage, our passion and our Voice, to speak what is in our hearts and to be a part of the changes that need to be made for all humanity. With this happening in the 10th house (the public house) it is time to bring this out to the public and Speak it!!

The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are also Opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto. In other words, the Sun (our core shinning brightly) and Mercury (your Voice) has come in, on this Equinox and joined the Cardinal “T” square that is becoming very tight this summer. With the Aries Sun and Mercury along with Uranus at this equinox it is about passion and change for all humanity, and speaking it!! Taking a stand, even if it is out side the box to some people. The sun and Uranus are opposing Saturn which represents tradition, and the way it has always been. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are saying that we need to change some of the old ways that are no longer working. This is being squared by Pluto. Pluto really only cares about your heart and soul. Pluto doesn’t like secrets or ego or greed. A square is a growth aspect, as long as you take care of the things that are squaring it. So this is about change……not fear, not gloom and doom, but change On the high side, we have Uranus saying “lets bring in some new ideas, that we haven’t done before, even if they seem a little “out there” and lets make sure all humanity is involved, we are all equal and listen to the guidance we get from the higher realms. Saturn on the high side is the “Elder energy and knowledge”, the Wise one’s, the Wizard. So we can pull on all that high Saturn knowledge and that guidance from the “Elders”. Pluto is saying, it is all about Heart and Soul, with no secrets! Manifest and Create the Higher sides of this Cardinal “T” Square and the Aries Sun and Mercury of the Equinox will give us the courage and the passion to take it to the higher level and just Speak it!!!

We also have a Taurus Moon and a Cancer Ascendant at this Equinox. Taurus is about the Earth. It is about loving the beauty of the earth and about creating beauty. The Cancer Ascendant is about nurturing the Earth, Mother Earth and all its inhabitance including the Fairies and the Earth Elementals. As you can see, there is a great emphasizes on the Earth energy. With Venus in Aries (ruled by Mars) there is a blending of the feminine/male energies, the love/and passion, the creativity/and intensity etc.

Neptune and Chiron are still conjunct at the Equinox. We have Neptune, which is the highest spiritual and creative planet and all about unconditional love, in Aquarius which is thinking out side the box for all humanity, sitting/ and blending with Chiron which represents the “wound of the Earth and Humanity.” They are in the 9th house of higher knowledge, religions and philosophy. What is this wound that is being represented in this

Equinox? With Jupiter sharing the 9th house with them, and Jupiter representing the masters and master teachers……the wound has to do with knowledge, using your mind to think and absorb knowledge. It is time to step back from being “sucked” into the computer, the TV or your Ipod and think, expand your mind, get involved with the Earth, be part of the changes that need to be made, and create a beautiful reality.

A Quick History – The “T” square that this Equinox is a part of, is very similar to the aspect that was happening during the mid 1960’s. The 60’s of course are best known as the “Hippie” area. At that time we had Uranus and Pluto sitting together opposing Saturn. Today, we have Uranus opposing Saturn (same as in the 60’s) being squared by Pluto. Same 3 planets, in a major aspect. If you think about it, part of the themes of that area were: unconditional love for all Humanity, thinking out side the box, and into the future, speaking your truth, and making changes where things needed to be changed, creating beauty and Peace, and love and taking care of the Earth and all the Earth Elementals. Sound familiar? The “seeds” were planted during that time, so they could be activated during this time, in us, the “light workers. Those of you who were not around during that time and are here today, received those “seeds” by proxy.

So let all these wonderful energies sprinkle down on you today. Meditate on what you are hearing, seeing and feeling. Manifest and create a beautiful reality for yourself, for the Earth and for all Humanity.

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