Monday, August 2, 2010


Not ketchup or catsup. Rather I shall post some random tidbits from the last two months.

Here is a few pictures of my dinner last night. I stuffed pepper's from my garden with cream cheese, because everything taste good with cream cheese. I also made zucchini boats that I baked in the oven and topped with marinara sauce.

What else? Well I love selling Norwex. It's been a great first couple of months and I envision it getting better and better! If you haven't heard of Norwex you can check out their website at and then shoot me an email at to order. 'Cause you'll want to order after you know about it. I promise.

How are my chicken's doing? you ask.
Well they are very well, though are not laying yet. I've been telling them that they need to start pulling their weight around here and either start doing the dishes or lay us some eggs! Maybe it's the stress getting to them, but no eggs yet. I figure they will start laying once they get their castle next week. I suppose you wouldn't want to pro create either if you where living in a box down by the river.
I did trade off two Rhode Island Red's for two bantams about a month ago. One is a buff orpington and one is a black Silkie(named Sookie......can't you just hear Bill yelling for his 'dinner'?....Soookiieee......). It took a little while for them to get accepted into the flock but they are holding their own.
The really cute and slightly annoying thing about my chickens is that, come 8pm, they roost on top of my car. This was kind of cute until the day I thought I was being followed around by a bag of manure, that is until I saw the large blob of poop that had melted into the top of my door. Really really gross.

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  1. Yahhh for a new post!!! Keep them coming!!! Love hearing about you and your life <3