Friday, February 27, 2009


We went to Costco tonight to have 'dinner'(if cheap pizza and hot dogs qualify as dinner) and buy a few things. I'm always surprised at how few items I buy compared to how much I spend when I leave there! Anyway, I was looking at there display of nicer wines and and came across the bottle below. The label is nice and the price was decent...... but the description! I mean really?
Bacon with menthol? Is that suppose to be enticing? Bacon,menthol, espresso,berries, and vanilla? nope. gross.


  1. I think you should have bought it and made a post on how the bacon, menthol, espresso, berry, vanilla wine taste! Its actually not a bad marketing idea...appeal to those smokers who eat lots of bacon and drink lots of coffee yet can still appreciate the modest complexities of berries and vanilla. Yum Yum!! Sign me up!

  2. That cracked me up. It must have been a bad translation from Spanish, I hope. =)

  3. I think this wine is meant to be
    drank with breakfast and if one
    has a bad cold.