Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You know what's really gross?

Bathroom sink drains. OMG! Ours gets so backed up because of Joe shaving in it and everyone's long hair. Plus it's an old sink anyway, who knows how long it's been there collecting hair and odds and ends. So every once in awhile I take a metal hanger and twist it apart. Metal hangers suck for clothes but are pretty useful for odd jobs like breaking into old cars and unclogging drains.
I didn't take a picture of the stuff I pulled out of the sink. I know I should have,I had a rare moment where I thought it would be better to not show and tell. Yet, here I am still telling you about it sans gross pictures.
After I used the hanger to pull out about a cup full of hair and what looked like black toilet paper/snot I used the hanger to scrap the toilet. The plumber told me to scrap with a hanger as far down the drain as you can go to clean off the mineral build up. Also a gross yet strangely satisfying job.
Now to tackle the kitchen!


  1. Yuck! What freaks me out is everyone's spat toothpaste in there. Eeeewwww!