Thursday, July 9, 2009

Worms and More....

My worm bin is still working. I've had a little trouble with fruit flies, which frankly, drive me insane. Small stupid bugs that swarm up from the bin every time I opened it and took up residents in my kitchen! I did a little Internet sleuthing and found out how to minimize the occurrence of fruit flies in the bin. So I did it and it's been better...still there...but better.
It's hard to imagine that under this:
Is this:Rich beautiful humus!
Here's a few pictures of my yard. Above is a sweat pea vine that pretty much takes over one side of my fence each year. Luckily it's pretty. Below is my container garden. I have several heirloom tomato varieties, a few that I started from seed and a couple I got from a friend. I also have carrots, dill,eggplant and peppers. Hopefully they keep growing.
The last picture is the front of my house. The blair witch project did what I hoped it would, which is be taken over by the morning glories. It's pretty cool if not incredibly messy. But hey that's my life.

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