Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gingerbread House

Building a Gingerbread House sounds like a pleasant activity to do with your family, right? Joining in the holiday spirit while creating memories that will last a life time?
Sounds good, count me in!
Costco has had a pre-built all necessary items included ginger bread house on sale for the last month. It kept tempting me by it's pretty colors and promise of ease until I finally gave in and bought it.
We waited until we were all available to help on this great project. With two snowdays last week we agreed to combat a couple hours of cabin fever by decorating the (mostly) pre assembled house. Easy and merry and fun.

Not so much. Sylvia gave up after a few minutes of messing with the icing. Joe did a valiant job assembling the tree and ginger bread men. Though they eventually had to have a few emergency 'surgeries' to re-attach lost limbs. The box's promise of ease and beauty taunted me as I kept looking at it for support and reassurance. Jasper had the most fun as most of the candy was added by him. He was pretty mad though when they all started to slip down the sides in some gingerbread house meets haunted mansion massacre scene. It did take up a couple hours of our time and instead of going all 'Shining' on each other that night we where able to take it out on the box which ended up nicely mutilated by a pair of scissors and a 4 year old's zealous desire to destroy.


  1. Hey, that looks pretty good! We had roughly the same "family experience" doing our Gingerbread Train kit. Suck.

  2. I tried to make one from scratch many years ago.Total failure. I imagine we did eat the products, but not gingerbread house.

    I did make a ceramic one once. It lasted a few years, but eventually was broken.

    I admire you for trying and you can be sure you created memories.

  3. Yep, I bought the same thing (except from World Market), but I sent mine to Kansas City for my SIL and her girls to do together with my little guy...she is still cursing me!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your stories everyone! It's good to know others have similar experiences :)

  5. I have refused to go to a gingerbread house party two years running. No gingerbread hell for this girl! Yours is beautiful though. Good job!