Monday, December 21, 2009


I've waited all year to find the right dog for our family and Saturday we did. We went to the ARL in search of a Cairn Terrier that was up for adoption. I'd called the night before to make sure she was available and they assured me she was. We ( my mom and her wife,Crayola, Jasper and I) were at the front of the line waiting outside of the ARL the next morning. I went straight to the first staff I could find and asked for the dog, Cocoa.
They searched their database and found that sometime from when I'd called to when they opened today she had been adopted or taken away due to medical reasons. They seriously couldn't tell me which one. While we where waiting to find out about Cocoa, Crayola was scouting the other dogs. She spotted a cute shitzu terrier mix and got us a 'hug' room. Needless to say we loved her and adopted her straight away. We had a list to the universe of criteria for our dog. Small but not to small, not yappy, doesn't shed(much), playful and independent. Ginger fits this bill and then some!
Thank you Crayola! You gave us an awesome gift :)

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  1. Congratulations on your new family member. He is absolutely charming!