Monday, February 1, 2010

Challenging Challenge

So today was the first day of the 28 day Traditional Food challenge. I open the email to see what the first small step in changing my eating habits were and well quickly hyperventilated and decided to not do it. The first step and they did say, small steps, was to through out everything in my fridge,freezer, pantry that has sugar, refined flours, perservatives, ect.
Hello! I realize that that is the basic of traditional eating but that is a cost prohibitive change. To much to soon for this already booked women. I will be trying to make more yogurt and fermented items this month, but no drastic food wasting challenges for me. Nope.


  1. I think my cupboards would be bare enough that I would have to spend a month's worth of pay at the grocery store to restock.

  2. No kidding. We are starting our own version of the challenge at Simply Food, Nothing Extra. We'll release it in March I think. It will be actually doable instead of wasteful and expensive. Sigh. I know 30 people that couldn't do the challenge because of that one step. It doesn't need to be the first step. Seriously.