Monday, February 8, 2010

Just because......

Here are two recent stories that help illustrate what an interesting person my son is, while at the same time paint me in an unflattering light. That is the way of parenthood is it not?

Jasper is sitting in the backseat while we are dropping his dad off at school this morning. As we are pulling away I belch. From the backseat I hear " You are the best belcher, Mom! I hope when I grow up I can belch as good as you."

I bought a pineapple at the grocery store the other day per Jasper's request. I went to cut it at the table as he stood by watching and eating a few pieces as I cut them. I was pretty engrossed in getting the fruit out as well as my usual mind chatter. As I went in the kitchen to throw some peices away Jasper says "Look mom, I have something stuck in my teeth." about 4 times. Finally, without looking back I said " I see honey, we'll get it out in a minute" Jasper responded with a truely innocent and amazed tone of voice "You have amazing eyes."
It took me a minute to realize that he wasn't commenting on my beauty, but rather my ability to see him with out actually looking at him.


  1. I love Jasper! Miss you all xoxo

  2. Mia...Congrats WON my giveaway!

    Come see me...yippee!


  3. You jus won at PAMS blog at the CSN give away gurl....thats a pretty cool tool there...congrats and cheers....