Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beggar's's Night

The night before Halloween or my Anniversary choose the special beggar's night. This year Joe Jasper and I went with the Bottenfield-Biehn's and the Ward's. Between our three families we had an alligator, a fireman, Anakin Skywalker(with two light sabers), two Death like creatures, and a teenager with a tail.

The best joke was not a joke at all, but rather something that put an annoyed look on most adults faces, which in my opinion, made it a keeper.

It went something like this:

Q: If you are stranded in the desert with nothing but your car, how many pancakes would it take to shingle a roof?

A:Purple , because snakes don't have armpits.

Then there's Sylvia. She went Trick or Treating with a friend. This was the first year she hadn't gone with me, it was kind of sad but WOW..........

Seriously, she came home with 176 pieces of candy, two juice boxes and a pencil. Yes, she counted them. Can I put these on FreeCycle?


  1. Your kids are so cute! Happy Halloween and most importantly... HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!! I hope you and Joe get some time to yourself. Love you and miss you!!

  2. Do you think anyone would take them on Freecycle?