Friday, October 17, 2008

Random updates for those far away.....

Here is a picture of my beautiful and increasingly spirited son. He looks so angelic here. I made some delicious banana bread from a recipe out of this 70 style cookbook. Of course I didn't follow the recipe to a T! Sour cream instead of milk, made them very moist and tasty. I made two separate batches, one with coconut and dates(my favorite!) and one with chocolate chips(Sylvia's favorite).
Sylvia's such a good big sister.
I love my front porch. It's a great place to hang out when it's nice enough. Its full of toys, plants, and a comfy love seat. I'm sad that the weather is getting to cold to set out there.

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  1. Ohh sister, thanks for the update! Your children are so beautiful and I miss them very, very much! I saw that it was -4 F here today. Be glad you're not in Alaska! Love you!