Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Monday night I went to my knitting group and started my first pair of socks. I'm using the magic loop method on size 2 circular needles. We are using the pattern Broadripple Socks which was created by Rob Matyska.
I have a feeling the ‘ripple’ is going to be more of a blob, but I’m excited to be following a pattern and learning a new skill. I’m letting this first pair be very organic. :)
I want to thank the wonderfully talented women who sat next to me and took care of her 14 week old baby while teaching me to work this pattern. It was enough for me to try and remember the pattern but she was able to get her son (who is adorable!) to sleep and teach me how to do it. And thank you Sabbath and Jessica for putting the group together and providing libations. I'm excited for our next meeting.


  1. Ohh when you become an expert you should knit me a pair of nice warm socks to keep my feet warm in -40!

  2. Micole! -40, ugh. You are a brave brave women.