Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have a problem. Well, actually, I have several problems. And while they all need to be addressed eventually, the one I want to focus on in public is eating. Eating in itself is not a problem. We all have to do it or we die. Unfortunately some of do it for so many other reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with hunger.
I eat because I'm bored, because foods there,because I'm cooking, because I'm being social,because it taste good--and if a little taste good than a lot has to be even better---!
While this hasn't yet lead to any long term health problems and I am currently not very over weight, my habit of mindless eating takes up way to much of my time. I think about how it makes me feel, how I perceive the impact on my weight, why I do it even though I know I shouldn't....
Case in point...I went to the Y this morning and came home. There were cookies on the table that didn't get put away from last night, so I put them away, eating 2 or 3 in the process(well I did just go work out!). Then I decided I needed some eggs, with ham and cheese and that I should put it on one of those trashy but tasty frozen hash brown thingies I bought on a whim. Here's the clincher, the part that continual bites me in the ass.....I made a plate for Jasper. Which is good,'cause he needs to eat too.... only he didn't like the hash browns. I picked up his plate to put it in the kitchen and took a bite, then another...I was standing and not really chewing so it was calorie free right?(and if you stand on your head after sex you'll get pregnant!).

So I'm standing there eating the rest of Jasper's food and with each bite I'm saying things to myself like
"Hey you should just throw this away", "Look there is the garbage can, it's like 1 foot from you!"
"Womyn put down the hash browns! " "You don't even like them, your full! " and finally "Oh, well you've eaten it all now. Great you stupid loser."

It doesn't always happen like this, there are periods in my life where I am very disciplined and uninterested in scavenging off others plates. I did Weight Watchers and lost a lot of weight once. I didn't eat anything when I was first pregnant with Jasper( 'cause I threw everything up!) and when I thought I was dying I lost a lot of weight from general sadness. Those aren't very sustainable states of being though. Today I wonder if it might just be Winter or if it's my genetic make up. Either way it's got to stop!


  1. Oh Mia.....first of all, big hugs. I totally feel ya.

    I have struggled with bad eating habits my entire life. I am an emotional eater, and a boredom eater, and a 'I don't want this to go to waste' eater, and 'mmmm cookie dough, sugar, etc' eater. Sigh.

    Unfortunately for me, it HAS gotten way out of control. I am essentially pre-diabetic, I have insulin resistance, PCOS, my daughter takes after my horrid eating habits, and I can't stick to anything remotely good for us for very long. I just love food. Unfortunately, so does my hips and ever protruding stomach, LOL!

    The only thing I can tell ya, is that you aren't alone. My eating habits (I won't comment on yours, because I just don't know), are directly related to my mood. If I am feeling good and happy and empowered, I eat accordingly. If I am depressed, experiencing SAD, or just plain hormonal, break out the cookie dough. I have done a few things that seem to work well for me, but for the most part I am a food failure. If I know that Autumn is going to be eating the same time that I am, I will make a me size portion, and then give her 1/3rd of my plate. That way, she can eat what she wants, and if she doesn't eat much or any of it, then I don't end up eating more than I originally would have.

    Fast food is the bane of my existence. And I LOVE it. I wish I knew of a way that I could be more supportive: maybe we could work on meal planning together, or getting together to do freezer cooking with a few of us? I know that I am going to be going to the Y a lot after we join in January. Either way, I want to chance what I am teaching my daughter, get out and do active things more often, and be more conscious of what and where my food comes from. This problem is on my mind too, and your post was VERY timely!

  2. A few of 'us' have been trying to get a OMAC night together with emphasis on health for awhile now. I tend to be a person who thinks about things way to much and acts way to litte!
    Maybe we can be each others catylst?

  3. I love the idea of a cooking night! Bunches of freezer meals would do us wonders because, as much as I love food (and lord do I!) I'm not the most patient person in the world...I like things fast and easy come 5pm :) I'd offer up my kitchen if need be :)