Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just FYI knitting is a good past-time. It's something that is not checking your facebook for the umpteenth time or watching 5 episodes in a row of Smalleville. This something requires a bit of brain power , some coordination, and foresight. If I don't get carpel tunnel first, I surely won't get Alzheimers.

Anyway. Today I'm stuck in the house for the second day in a row.
Here are the things I need to do but probably won't:

  1. Figure out how to get crayon out of the dryer and if possible off the last load of clothes I dried. Yes, I washed a crayon. A red crayon. It ruined some of Sylvia's favorite pants, which is awful. Awful because finding pants that Sylv likes to wear is kind of like being shoot in the foot, tied to a chair, and forced to watch the Disney channel. This also includes shopping for shoes and underwear and socks....shirts are easy. So. If anyone knows any tricks to getting crayon off clothes 0r the dryer I would love to know. Also, if anyone wants to take Sylvia shopping.........
  2. Straighten up the back entryway. It's become a catch all. Not to long ago I placed several shelving units on the porch, lined the shoes up, swept, and gave everyone a lecture on keeping it clutter free. No one listened to me. In fact, I did not listen to me! Damn you Mia! I have several boxes of stuff that I've tried to sell to antique shops around town and now need to list on ebay. Instead of doing that I've added these large boxes full of fragile stuffs to the pile of crap on the back porch. everywhere, boxes of glasses and plates teetering on the corner of shelves, some recycling, and other miscellanous ness needs to be figured out.
  3. The built-in in the dining room runnuth over with knick nacks. Clean it. Organize it. Throw shit away?
  4. Light in the laundry room has been broken for about a month now. The whole mechanism needs to be replaced. How the f#$%# do you do that?
  5. I need to wedge a block under my bathtub, 'cause if I don't someday there will be a Money Pit scene in my home.
  6. Make the next two weeks meal plan, figure out a grocery list and go shopping.
  7. Go through and purge Jasper's toys.
  8. My 'corner' of the dining room is getting a bit out of hand. It's where I throw all my lists,bills, magazines, craft supplies, sewing machine, books. Umm. I need a better system.

Hmm.....I think it's time for a glass of wine and a nap.


  1. I wish I could take Sylvia shopping :( We'd make a girls day of it. Sometimes I wish I could transport myself home!

  2. God, I love reading these kinds of posts, it makes me feel not so alone. Just when I get all het-up and SURE I'll be able to keep my house clean this time, I'll realize it's not f---ing working AGAIN and get really depressed AGAIN. Breathe-I'm not the only one-breathe. I sit and knit and not think about it.

  3. Sometimes I get so exhausted from just making the list of everything that needs to be done that it feels like just as much work as if I had done it all. Well maybe not THAT much work, but it sure makes my brain tired. You've inspired me to make a list for today! And then take a nap :)