Thursday, December 4, 2008

Massacre of Rainbow Brite

I decided to tackle the crayon in the dryer issue yesterday. When I'd taken the last load out and noticed the crayon embedded on everything I'd been to upset to pay much attention to the inside of the dryer. I just assumed it had some crayon on it since everything else did. I started the cleaning process by doing a bunch of research on the internet. Most postings suggested using comet or WD4o. First, I have a gas dryer, so flammable and fire seemed like a silly idea. Second, I'm paranoid of chemicals. So....I decided to go with the good old stand bye of baking soda and water. Armed with a bowl of baking soda paste, rubber gloves and sponge I headed to the basement to clean up the crayon. I almost had a heart attack when I opened the door!

It wasn't a crayon, someone had murdered a pink pixie in my dryer! I'm kidding, no fey were harmed , but really this was insane. How the hell was this going to get cleaned?

Elbow Grease! After the first five minutes of scrubbing I was sure I could get this all off....if I wanted to live inside the dryer for the next day. Being the lazy person that I am...I mean the industrious person that I am, I decided to let my brother do a load of laundry and see if all the baking soda left inside plus the wet clothes would finish the job.

IT DID! And it didn't ruin any of Skyler's clothes either, which was a bonus.


  1. I am suprised you didn't ruin Skylers clothes!! Next time experiment on a load of towels or rags!! xxoo, Mom

  2. Love you even if you are not a domestic goddess.