Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural Living Expo

I will be doing Reiki at the Des Moines Natural Living Expo this coming weekend. It's free to get in and there is lots of workshops and booths to explore. I will be doing Reiki at 15min sessions for $15 a piece. It should be a blast! I'm using this event as a launching for my Reiki business. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of doing energy work again. I have a great space to work out of in West Des Moines. It's in a business called Healing Journey's, which also offers spiritual counseling and tarot.

I will also be selling my hand painted canvas bags at the expo. Here is a sampling of my new stuff:


  1. I am glad you have a blog so I can know what your doing with your life - oh wait we talked on the phone 2 times today, but you didn't mention any of this! lol

  2. Mia This hands on stuff is real.
    I do not have your training, but
    my patients tell me I have remarkably warm hands.
    When I use them in a theraputic manner I have a positive response.
    I never thought anything about it
    in the past. I am proud of you