Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treasure Maps

I am going to do something called Treasure Mapping this year and I think you should too!
I learned about this from a women named Tracy Cook . She is an astrologer who uses this technique to harness the energy of Aries(new beginnings) with the power of intention.
The first part of this process is something you can do today. Clear out your clutter. Clean your house and your mind; get rid of all the junk that has been holding you down. Be it a closet of ill fitting clothes, a drawer of miscellaneous bills or a bad habit or negative thought patterns. Tie up lose ends, finish projects or toss them out. Till the garden that is your life in preparation for a new season of growth.
You can think of this like Einstein's theory that two things can not occupy the same space. You are getting rid of the things you don't want which will create an opening for new energy to enter. This is where the Treasure Map comes in. You are in charge of what new energy you want to enter.

On March 26th at 12:06pm Aries enters her moon cycle. (currently the moon is in Pisces). With this Aries new moon comes a chance to envision and co-create what this next year will hold for you.
It is best to do the following activity on or within 3 days after March 26th. Don't even think about what you will put on your map before then, just get your stuff cleaned up and out! :)

You will need poster board, scissors,magazines and glue. You might also want markers,paints,glitter,string....be creative it's your Treasure!

You will essentially be making a collage that will map out your year. Don't worry about having concrete well thought out ideas. What images or words are you drawn to? How do they make you feel? How do you want to feel this next year? There really are no rules....do what feels good and see what you manifest.

If you need more structure though here is an idea for making your map utilizing the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Divide your board into 9 grids and place the images in one of the sections or overlapping.


1 is wealth, prosperity, abundance visuals
2 is fame, how you are known in the world
3 is love and relationships
4 is family
5 is health and vitality
6 is creativity/children (to a certain extent)
7 is knowledge
8 is work, career
9 is spirituality, angels, helpful people

Or not! It could look like a tree or a game of Life or intersecting circles. Do this alone, or with friends, or with your family. Just think of the conversations that could come from such a family project. Have fun!
BTW: The link to Tracy Cook's site now has a wonderful post about Treasure Maps. You should check it out too!

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