Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's a cold and snowy Sunday here in Iowa. My magnolia tree had started to bloom, but I'm guessing by tomorrow most of the buds will have fallen off due to the cold. I have several flats of seeds out on the porch. Many of them have started to come up but some are still behind. I'm using the power of positive thinking to help the rest emerge. I'll keep you posted on how that works ;)
It is beautiful, the snow. I moved my computer away from the dining room table and into the living room by the side window. I love that I can look out at my bird feeder. It helps me remember to fill it and I get to enjoy all the urban wildlife in my yard. There is a downy woodpecker that lives in the magnolia tree, a cardinal couple, a blue jay couple, many nuthatches and of course our state bird, the goldfinch. Apparently I'm also the hot spot for crows,squirrels and rabbits. By the way, we saw a beaver on the side of the road North of Grand the other day. Anyone know what beaver's stand for?


  1. It is -2 here in Fairbanks right now. The ground still has a few feet of snow on it. When is summer!!??????

  2. Hey, your going to be living in the South by the end of the year. By December you'll be missing the snow :)