Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I went to my grandmother's this morning and picked a garbage sack of rhubarb. Let me tell you something, a garbage bag of rhubarb is a lot of f@# rhubarb. I brought it home and cleaned them off, chopped them up and then placed them in gallon freezer bags for later. I saved four cups to make something delicious with tonight. I'm thinking about a simple crumble but I'm open to ideas. Do you have a favorite recipe?


  1. You could always do Jam, or you could do a crumble with strawberries, or this cheesecake - I made it once a long time ago, it was REALLY good.


  2. that is a great picture of the rhubarb. In all
    my life I never thought rhubarb could be so

    My maternal grandmother taught me how to make a rhubarb pie when I was a preschooler. Just make
    a bottom crust. Mix the rhubarb with flour and sugar and put on a top crust and bake. pretty
    simple and delicious. about a cup of sugar and one half cup of flour or cornstarch. If the pie is not sweet enough put on more when you eat it. cover with cream.