Thursday, April 30, 2009


I turned some of the rhubarb into a fabulous cobbler with homemade date rhubarb butter sandwiched between a buttery dough and a crumbly oat filled top. Eaten with a scoop of carmel ice cream....delicous!

Yep, he needs a hair cut.


  1. Thanks for giving me a laugh! A trim indeed might be in order, I'm sure he'll still be the cutest kid ever. I need to bug you for a touch of rubarb so I can make something that looks as good as that. Why don't I ever stop over on the days you are making such goodness!


  2. Hahaha oh Jasper! What a funny photo. He looks so rock'n'roll. I want some of that cobbler

  3. Mia you are living the down to earth life to have so much drama with rhubarb. Who Knew!!