Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just another maniac Wednesday

Okay, so the song is Monday but it's my blog so I say Wednesday.
Before 9:00am today I had done several loads of dishes by hand, several loads of laundry and started a batch of bread/cinnamon rolls. By 12:00 I had ran, had coffee with my friends,dug some yuccas, saved a toddler trapped in a car :)(not mine),and finished my bread and rolls.
Not that this is an entirely non-normal day. It just felt a bit fuller than usual, probably because I started my morning just wanting to lay in bed. Not an option.

Here is my bread experiment. I used this recipe. I made a double batch, using half for a loaf of bread and half for cinnamon rolls. They both turned out, but the loaf of bread got a little more than it's share of dough.

Yeast Rising

Second Rising
Big Enough For Ya?


  1. I thought your were bringing some sort of cinnamon food over here for knitting. Where were you? We missed you! Lisa

  2. You are amazing!
    What is this about rescuing a toddler?

  3. Mia you never cease to amaze me. The bread looks wonderful. When I was growing up on the farm store bread was not an option. This was during World War 2 and bread was rationed. All little girls from ate of 4 up could make a decent loaf of bread. Hard to believe in todays culture. Also in some cultures little girls 4 and up could knit their own mittens and socks. Ask Grandma Carrie, your grandpas mom.