Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Des Moines Swap-O-Rama

Last night Sylvia and I along with Jessica and Sabbath went to an informational meeting for the upcoming Des Moines Swap-O-Rama. The original Swap-O-Rama was started by Wendy Tremayne in Seattle in the 90's.
For the Swap you bring a bag of clothes and 10 dollars(8 if purchased in advance) and your creativity. Clothes are layed out and sorted, everyone grabs what they want and goes to stations to rip and embellish. There will be demos and workshops and knowledgeable volunteers to help with all your creating needs.
This event is happening August 1st at my new favorite hangout....the Des Moines Social Club. If you haven't been to the DMSC yet and are in the area I highly recommend checking it out. Ping Pong and Bubblegum Martinis....just saying.
The women who are putting on the Swap here still need volenteers to work the event, be part of the street team and to do demos and workshops. If your interested you can contact them here. They are also still accepting sponsors for the event. There are three levels of sponsorship each with some cool perks.
And I bet you thought Des Moines was boring!

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