Monday, September 1, 2008

Food and Family

This weekend my Aunt Cathy and her two kids, Micheal and Kelly came from Olympia, Washington. I always love having them here,it's nice to hear about what's happening in their lives and see how big my cousins are getting(they are around Sylvia's age). The best part though is my Aunt's cooking. The first night we went to my grandparent's she whipped up some stuffed zucchinis. Really, she was quick about it. One minute she was like"We should use those large zucchinis in something, maybe I will stuff them" the next thing I know she'd rummaged through the fridge and put together one of the best zucchini meals I've ever had. She continued to wow us with salsas and muffins and salads. Then when we went down on labor day she and I made this....

We dived into this delicious blueberry and pecan crumble after we ate some fresh caught bass that my grandma deep fried for us and served with home fries and pickled cucumbers. I love holidays.

Jasper and I picked the last of the berries from my grandparent's bushes while we were there (I put some around the blueberry crumble in the picture).

Jasper was a trooper, he only ate a handful! We took them home to make smoothies and muffins with .

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