Tuesday, January 6, 2009


These are pictures taken on Jasper's new Fisher Price camera. Here we are at the ER. Joe,my lovely husband, went out of his comfort zone Sunday and took the kids to the Y to swim while I worked out. Not only can he not swim but he was missing an (apparently) important football game to spend time with us. What did he get in return? A trip to the ER. Somehow in the pool he managed to do something to his back. On the way home he mentioned that his back hurt and by the next morning he was writhing in pain. I took him to the doctor who suggested he just lay down and take some ibuprofen. So he did, but by the next day(today) he was a mess. So we took a trip to the ER. The ER is never a good place to go, least so with a healthy 3 year old in tow and a germphobiac, tired mom. Blah! Three hours after arriving we finally left. Joe a lot happier with three shots of pain medicine in his posterior and a appointment for a MRI and a very very sleepy little boy who passed out as soon as I strapped him in.

This is a picture I found on Jasper's camera of Crayola. The women not the crayon company ;)

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  1. I hope Joe feels better! Especially by the end of next week. Those are really photos of Jasper and Crayola. Jasper looks like he is getting so big! I cant wait to see him in a few weeks! Love you