Saturday, January 17, 2009

Everyone needs a pair of arm warmers.....

or maybe not. They are easy and fun to make and they aren't half as tacky as leg warmers (which btw I'm making a pair of soon). I love tacky....gnomes,trans-ams,leg warmers, leslie and the lys. I also heart macrame owls,green and yellow squared kitchen carpet,wooden rolling pins, orange shag carpeting and wood paneling. Nice.


  1. You could have made them out of orange shag carpeting.... very nice! Is Sylvia trying to steal them from you?

  2. NIce to meet you miz mia! Thanks for listing me on your blogroll too. I am wondering what this tattoo is hiding under those groovy arm warmers?? The part peeking out at me looks like one I have on my wrist. I am wondering if we are sisters, separated at birth... :) dd

  3. Yes,Sylvia is now the owner of the arm warmers. They match the hat I gave her and look cute with her black rocker girl t shirt.

    dd-- we may be lost sisters tattoo is a triskel is that yours?