Sunday, January 25, 2009


We went on a trip to my sister's wedding last week. It was a long car trip south even though she lives in Alaska and is from Iowa. Her now husband is from Alabama and stationed in Iraq, so on his two week leave they decided to get married. It was a small but beautiful wedding in an old haunted mansion called Buena Vista. in Prattsville, Alabama.

The trip down was uneventful, which is awesome! Although, before we left we had to wait two hours and get two new front tires. Thankfully we figured out our tire was crap before we got on the road.

Because we decided we were really going at the last minute and because she decided that since I was coming I was going to be a bridesmaid, we spent the day before the wedding looking for dresses. Suprisingly, this went fairly well even though I was due to start my time of the month any moment(that night).

On the morning of Micole's wedding Sylvia,Micole, and I went to a local spa ( in a haunted house) and got our hair and nail's done. It was a relaxing way to start the day, even though our hairstylist kept going on about the deer she's killed and the deer she's going to kill ...she was even calling and texting her boyfriend who had just 'bagged' the biggest buck ever! I think she was more interested in murder than in fixing our hair. We left there and grabbed McDonalds for my sister, who apparently had a pre wedding grease craving. Actually, who knows what they add to their food, there might be a sedative in it.

We arrived at the mansion about an hour before the wedding was suppose to start. We went up stairs and put on our dresses and hung out trying to entertain Micole as she waited with nervous anticipation for my mom to tell us we could come down the stairs . The wedding itself was short and sweet. A little to churchy for me( the preacher was Southern Baptist)...but then again, most things are. The bride and groom looked radiant, smiling into each others eyes with devotion and love.

After the ceremony we took pictures and hugged strangers and ate cake.

The newly married couple left to go to there bed and breakfast( in a haunted house) and we went back to the hotel.

We left the next day to travel the first leg of the 15 hours back to Iowa. On the way down we didn't do much sight seeing,but on the way home we stopped and had lunch at ' the best' Thai restaurant in Nashville. I like Cool Basil better. We stopped for a much needed cup of coffee in Paducha which is actually a pretty cool little town, with a wall of murals and a quilt museum. We even visited Mark Twain's birthplace, though we decided it was to cold to check out the fabled caves.

It was kind of depressing driving back North though. It had been easy to think that it was Spring when we were down snow and 'warmer' weather ( 30's-50's) but as we drove home the snow slowly started to appear again. By the time we reached Des Moines it was obvious that winter was still here. In fact as I type this it's snowing outside. Blah. All in all it was a wonderful trip.


  1. Glad you had such a good time and got to see your sis, but we missed you here! Welcome back:)

  2. NICE! And your sister looks so very gorgeous! I am left wanting some ghost stories for all of that IN A HAUNTED HOUSE business-- Sounds like a good tale or 2 are hiding in there somewhere! Glad yo got to make it and have a haunted spa day!! :)

  3. My sister did encounter some ghost in her bed and breakfast. I'll have her retell me the story so I can post it. The salon was 'dead' as far as activity was concerned. Before the wedding in the mansion my mom was entering into the bathroom through the master bedroom. She said it felt like something was tugging the back of her dress and not letting her move. Also when we were in the same room getting ready the door opened and we heared a little voice say something then close.
    I went outside the room to see if someone was there. There was one of the women who worked at the mansion in another room. So she might have opened the door, but she seemed pretty preoccupied in what she was doing and well, I was embaressed to ask her.
    A weird thing did happen the night after the wedding, in our hotel room. My three year old and I were in bed trying to go to sleep when he started pointing at the chair and talking about lights, then he looked over to the space above the bed his dad was sleeping in and started shooting something(he likes to shoot). He was annoyed that I couldn't see it. Then....he looked over to the side of the bed and said"I see people". I asked him to explain and he just buried his head in my arm. So I told him to ask the people to leave and let us sleep which he did. Then I ignored the fact that he had said that and went to sleep. I mean what else are you going to do?

  4. Spring would be nice. What did your dress look like?

  5. I posted a picture on of my dress on flickr and on my facebook.